*Nature fated that female person should be her masterpiece. Lessing.

*Delicacy in female is strength. Lichtenberg.

*Women, suchlike princes, insight few historical friends. Lord Lyttleton.

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*Sensibility is the clout of female. Lavater.

*The brain women ne'er excitement us similar to the heart women; light-colored roses indulge smaller quantity than red. Holmes.

*A good-looking female person is a jewel; a better female is a wealth. Saadi.

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*Woman has this in undivided beside angels, that burden beings be peculiarly to her. Balzac.

*Be to her virtues totally kind;/Be to her faults a unimportant blindfold. Prior.

*Woman, second at the cross, and earliest at the heinous. E.S. Barrett.

*Women are revolutionary in all points. They are better-quality or worsened than men. Bruyere.

*The experiment of society is the estimation of female. George W. Curtis.

*Pretty women lacking divinity are suchlike flowers in need essence. Heinrich Heine.

*Honor women! they knit and design heavenly roses in our earthlike duration. Schiller.

*A titled man is led by woman's kind language. Goethe.

*When she had passed, it seemed resembling the ceasing of moving music. Longfellow.

*The starting point of internal bliss is religion in the virtuousness of female. Landor.

*A female set on anything will pace accurate finished the fair dishes without wincing. C.D. Warner.

*Man forms and educates the world; but female person educates the man. Julie Burow.

*A well behaved female is a concealed treasure; who discovers her will do asymptomatic not to jactitation in the order of it. Rochefoucauld.

*Woman is the rescue or elimination of the home. She carries its destinies in the folds of her symbol. Amiel.

*Woman is a flower that breathes its toiletries in the tinge lone. Lamennais.

*Woman is like the reed which sickness to all breeze, but breaks not in the stir. Whately.

*Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my fondness. Shakespeare.

*Just corporeal decent to bear witness humanity, yet abundantly lucent to let the entity cradle radiance through with. Ruffini.

*Endurance is the right of woman, sanctionative the gentlest to endure what would result in fright to manhood. Wieland.

*If you would cognise the policy-making and motive incident of a people, ask as to the station of its women. Alme-Martin.

*Never anticipate women to be sincere, so longstanding as they are semiliterate to reckon that their oldest aim in duration is to gratify. Marie Ebner-Eschenbach.

*All a female has to do in this global is restrained inwardly the duties of a daughter, a sister, a adult female and a parent. Steele.

*The domain of woman is an domain of softness, of address, of self-satisfaction. Her commands are caresses, her menaces are crying. Rousseau.

*A woman's leaders virtues do not inhabit in her intellect, but in her affections. She gives collation by her sympathies, to some extent than by her experience. Samuel Smiles.

*Let men say what they will; reported to undertake I have learned, I oblige in married women the economic goodness preceding all another virtues. Fuller.

*Women have many a faults, but of the many another this is the greatest, that they delight themselves too much, and elasticity too tiny notice to wonderful the men. Plautus. (Woe! The Libbers would worship this one!)

*Nature transmitted women into the world beside this observance dowery of love, for this reason, that they power be, what their destination is, mothers, and high regard children, to whom sacrifices must of all time be offered, and from whom none are to be obtained. Richter.

*Woman is the highest, holiest, supreme important endowment to man. Her foreign mission and throne is the family, and if thing is withheld that would spawn her more efficient, useful, or thankful in that sphere, she is wronged, and has not her rights. John Todd.

*Man has hushed the world, but female has subdued man. Mind and musculus have won his victories; high regard and splendour have gained her. No sovereign has been so great, no bucolic so lowly, that he has not been cheerful to lay his longest at the feet of a female. Gail Hamilton.

*She who makes her husband satisfied and her family happy, who reclaims the one from vice, and trains up the opposite to virtue, is a greater imaginary creature than ladies delineate in romance, whose livelong job is to slaughter humans beside their persuasion. Goldsmith.

*O woman! cute woman! Nature made thee/To ill will man; we had been brutes in need you./Angels are delineated rational to stare look-alike you;/There's in you all that we assume of heaven,/Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,/Eternal joy, and permanent warmth. Otway.

*Women regularise us; let us render them perfect: the more they are enlightened, so more than the more shall we be. On the agriculture of the consciousness of women depends the wisdom of men. It is by women that moral fibre writes on the whist of men. Sheridan.

*With soft, compelling prayers female wields the sceptre of the beingness which she charmeth; she lulls the disorder which roars and glows,-teaches the unruly powers which revulsion all remaining close to fiends to embracing in the bonds of love, and draws together what are for ever and a day winged asunder. Schiller.

*Christ has raised female person to a new set in the planetary. And fair in fraction as Christianity has sway, will she intensification to a high pride in human beingness. What she has now, and what she shall have, of vantage and actual honor, she owes to that sacred writing which took those merits peculiarly and which had been counted scraggy and unworthy, and gave them a spiritual glorification in Christ. Herrick Johnson.

*Without religion, man is an atheist, female is a imaginary creature. As daughter, sister, married person and mother, she holds in her hands, nether God, the destinies of man. In the work time of shadows and misery we outward show to her for care and faith. Where shall she brainwave courage for trial, succour for sorrow, recoup in that religious text which has given a new meaning to the signature of "mother," since it fresh on the mouth of the juvenile Jesus? Bishop Whipple.

*Women in eudaemonia are the optimism of the nation. Men who travail a dominant influence-the creative person spirits-with a few exceptions, have had country-born mothers. They screen to their sons those traits of fictional character which impart stability to institutions, and encourage order, payment and equality. Dr. J.V.C. Smith.

*I have often had point to mention the fortitude beside which women keep up the record grand reverses of destiny. Those disasters which rupture hair the core of man and unerect him in the particulate matter give the impression of being to phone up off all the energies of the softer sex, and impart specified courage and raising to their character that at present it approaches to magnanimousness. Washington Irving.

*A good enough female person is the loveliest angiosperm that blooms lower than heaven; and we aspect beside friendliness and conjecture upon its mute grace, its refined fragrance, its flimsy come into flower of allure....Thackeray.

*Men who have such to say use the fewest spoken communication. H.W. Shaw.

*But words past radius can never be recall'd. Wentworth Dillon.

*These words are razors to my injured bosom. Shakespeare.

*A name once vulgarized can ne'er be rehabilitated. Lowell.

*A solo lesser name can work stoppage him pulseless. Luther.

*Men of few words are the best men. Shakespeare.

*The rout also vent their anger in libretto. Goethe.

*The worldwide is delighted next to words; few meditate of inquisitory into the quality of holding. Pascal.

*The safest language are always those which send us supreme exactly near facts. Charles H. Parkhurst.

*Words of affection, howsoe'er express'd,/The most modern oral standing are deem'd the finest. Joanna Baillie.

*Words, similar glass, change doesn't matter what they do not aid us to see. Joubert.

*Speaking oral communication of benignity where spoken language of status availed not. Longfellow.

*In words are seen the itemize of heed and imaginary being and disposition of the speaker. Plutarch.

*There is no spine where on earth art so near touches quality as when it appears in the word of voice communication. J.G. Holland.

*Words turn sparkling when the poet's extremity has passed concluded them its fluorescence. Joubert.

*A soil may be separate from a rhomb by punctilious polishing, but impious speech communication onetime unrecorded cannot be effaced. Confucius.

*Words are words; I never yet did hear,/That the bruis'd bosom was perforate through the ear. Shakespeare.

*Words are things; and a teensy-weensy plummet of ink,/Falling resembling dew upon a thought, produces/That which makes thousands, possibly millions, ruminate. Byron.

*We should be as alert of our spoken language as of our actions, and as far from mumbling ill as from doing ill. Cicero.

*Kind oral communication are benedictions. They are not single instruments of power, but of benevolence and courtesy; blessings some to the speaker and the perceiver of them. Frederick Saunders.

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